Representation of Identity Project

It took a lot of thought on what my next project would be about. But with my interest of art and photography combined, I have decided to base my thoughts and ideas around the idea of identity and representation.
As imagination is one of the most powerful forces on this planet, it plays a particularly central role in the world of art. Artists can depict, create, manipulate and even change the way we view, or think about ourselves. Representation within art is a fluid entity, constantly changing with culture and influenced by our ever-evolving attitude towards society. This is why the representation of identity created by artists is never constant. In photography, it is endlessly created, manipulated, re-created and redistributed to the viewers as artwork for us to judge and criticise. Self-portraits are supposed to the idea of a fundamental basis of ones true identity, capturing the maker in one raw moment and showing the viewer who they truly are. Of course, this is quite the contrary, and a “selfie” often only shows the onlookers only what the makers wants them to see; the true identity is often mistaken for the viewers’ own interpretation of the image. When it comes to the medium of photography, the representation of identity is usually lost within its borders, capturing one subject and portraying another.
Thinking about this projects theme, the above question keeps burning in the back of my mind. How does capturing one moment of our ever-changing persona allow us to believe that this is all we are? How can one photograph tell the viewers exactly who we are? This is what I will explore.

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