Product Placement Exhibition

After three years of hard work, I have finally completed my BA (Hons) Photography degree! For my Advanced Creative Project, I decided to push myself and focus purely on still-life, rather than shooting the usual portrait. These images are currently on show in the Carmarthen School of Art until the 3rd of June.

Artists Statement:

modern question within the photographic industry questions whether the medium
should be seen as a form of art. Identity within images can be changed
instantly with simply altering the caption, and meanings can be instantly
reinterpreted due to context. In this post-modern era, commercial images are
made to subconsciously attract the attention of the viewer, which it what I’ve
tried to accomplish with these images. With fusing the two mediums of vibrant art
and photography together, I have created colourful and fashionable still-life
images of different pieces of jewellery. These different shoots challenged me to create
something unique, eye-catching and to produce an image that complimented a
product. In all featured images, I have purposely arranged pieces of jewellery
within different environments of the real world, focusing on product placement
and representation.

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