An international published photographer & retoucher based in Aberystwyth, Wales with over 10 years experience in the industry. Kara specialises in cinematically lit photographs, capturing the subject in the frame with the best lighting and aims to pull as much detail from the photo as possible. Her work has been commended by top fashion brands & designers and has been featured in a number of publications online, and in print worldwide. She has images included in the 'Best Of' gallery within Vogue Italia and has been published in British Vogue

An ex-model, Kara knows what it's like to be in front and behind the lens of the camera, and over ten years she's also been documenting her own self-identity of growing older (and not so wiser).  She aims to help people feel comfortable in front of the camera to capture their unique personalities. 

She has been awarded a BA & MA through photography and is always working on new projects and series. 
Fancy a collaboration? Get in touch with any ideas! 

Kara is also a freelance retoucher, available to work remotely to help with any type of editing. Feel free to contact Kara [here] for any questions! 

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